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There are many schools of thought regarding swim lessons for infants and toddlers. Should it be survival swim lessons only? Should it be just playtime or those "mommy & me" classes until your child is more comfortable in the water? At Survival Swim we believe children can have both survival skills & FUN! We bridge the gap between these two philosophies to provide a well-rounded aquatic experience that goes beyond traditional swim lessons.


The Survival Swim program, established by Heather Rodrigue in 2008, is recognized as the area’s leading aquatic instructional program for children 6 months and up. Our mission is to reduce the number of pediatric drownings through education and awareness. We train infants and children how to effectively engage in the aquatic environment for self-reliance. These skills are needed in case of supervision break down, a barrier does not exist, or the toddler finds a way to get in, over or through the barrier. Once the safety skills are mastered, students are then progressed to more advanced swimming skills based on the child's unique physical, emotional and developmental capabilities.


Through our one-on-one, individualized lesson program, children learn in a matter of weeks the skills that often take years to learn in a traditional swim program

Heather Rodrigue


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