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Christine Sedotal

Christine Sedotal knew she had a calling to become a Certified Survival Swim Instructor in 2017 after enrolling her youngest child, Sawyer, in the Survival Swim program. As a first-hand witness to the effectiveness of the lessons, Christine became an advocate for Survival Swim.


As one of many Louisiana residents with a body of water within feet of her back door, Christine was too familiar with the drowning hazards that are a reality to so many families. That, along with a very limited number of Certified Instructors in her area, led Christine to join the Survival Swim Team to continue the mission of preventing childhood drowning and promoting safe enjoyment of the water.  


With certifications in CPR and First Aid, Christine is safety-minded, hard-working and dedicated to her husband and three children. Her passions include enjoying the outdoors, broadening her horizons through learning and sharing experiences with others.


We are so happy to have Christine as part of the Survival Swim family!

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