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Rebekah McClain Ayer

Rebekah Ayer has a lifetime of experience with aquatics in the Baton Rouge area, beginning as a year-round competitive swimmer, a member of the LSU Tigers varsity swim team, and later in supporting roles as a swim lesson instructor, lifeguard, and aquatics director. She shares her passion for water programs with others to educate and spread the joy of safe water activities.

Having the ability to visit, train, and educate people of all ages in pools as part of her upbringing, she recognized that not everyone has familiarity with water and its potential risks. Knowledge of water safety and water skills is crucial for all ages and should start as early as possible, which is why Rebekah’s path now includes the teaching of the youngest children to prevent childhood drownings.

With CPR and First Aid certifications along with her life around water, Rebekah is passionate and engaged in her development of others. She loves the outdoors, traveling with family, and sharing her love of life with those around her.

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